About Us

The Beginning of NexTek

Wayne Randall, Jr. started working in the IT industry when he was 18. After advancing to a career in IT management, Wayne saw that traditional IT infrastructures were work-intensive and often wasteful, simply because a one size fits all approach had been used when purchasing computers, software, servers and other equipment. He also realized that he wasn’t alone – that thousands of businesses were looking for a more efficient way to implement and manage IT resources. This necessity led to the beginning of NexTek, which was founded in 2005 with one simple purpose: to provide customized, cost-effective IT services that support and enhance clients’ essential business functions.

The NexTek Difference

Pay-as-you-go Pricing

Where traditional IT companies require large up-front investments and ongoing fees, NexTek’s philosophy is “Pay as you go, and only as long as you’re satisfied.” Because Cloud Computing is essentially computer services delivered as a utility – like electricity, water or gas – our clients pay only for the resources they use, without committing to long-term contracts or expensive equipment purchases. This month-to-month accountability keeps your options open, and ensures that we keep earning your business.

Personal Service

We believe that people are the real technology in any organization. As a result, our IT professionals are carefully chosen not only for their technical knowledge, but also their communication and customer service skills. We provide ongoing training to keep our technicians at the forefront of innovation, but we never forget that people are the real power behind any business.

Ongoing Innovation

At NexTek, our passion for innovation drives us to find better, more effective and more efficient ways to serve our customers. We have consistently reinvested our profits in the research, development, and procurement of future service offerings – most significantly, in the area of Cloud Computing and managed services. By constantly improving our equipment, operating structure, and administrative methods, we produce better results for our customers while reducing our own overhead.