Cloud Computing

It is a common misconception that owning and operating an in-house IT infrastructure is the only way to operate a competitive, secure and efficient business. While that may have been true in the past, innovations in cloud service offerings have created attractive alternatives for businesses of all sizes. Not only can subscribing to our cloud based infrastructure and services exceed the capabilities of a self-operated approach, it can offer predictable and controllable monthly IT costs while maintaining an effective pathway to the latest in IT innovation.

While most cloud providers leave you with infrastructure alone and little-to-no support, we understand that it takes more than infrastructure to get the most out of a cloud—so we design and implement cloud workloads at scale, then manage your entire infrastructure for you! This gives us 100% insight to any issue that may arise, thus limiting downtime and avoiding finger pointing.


A dedicated private cloud is your cloud, but the entire organization and its data are operated and maintained by us in our secured facilities. This includes e-mail, applications, databases, and all company data.


  • Elasticity: If you need to rapidly expand your capacity beyond current levels, the provisioning of additional resources needed can be added in a matter of minutes. Time-to-production is reduced in a dedicated environment versus self-operated networks.
  • Management:You are no longer responsible for maintaining your server operating environment—that is now the responsibility of us, freeing up the time you spend on IT issues.
  • Mobility:The technological capabilities are available to provide highly scalable and available mobile access to organizations of all sizes, allowing companies to be productive from just about anywhere, as long as there is a reliable Internet connection.
Hybrid Cloud Computing

Depending on the applications your company uses and how you would like your network structured, there may be instances where a hybrid cloud solution may make more sense for your company. We provide a portion of your network services that originate from our datacenter, most commonly Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange E-Mail, while continuing to maintain file servers, databases, and other application data onsite.

Our Cloud team can help you discern, design, and deliver the best cloud solutions for your business. Contact us today to get started.