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“NexTek has proven its value to my business many times over. Prior to using NexTek, I spent approximately 5 hours a week on IT issues including connection and software problems, backing up data, and managing email accounts. In addition to the time I lost to those issues, the immediate result was often downtime with zero productivity and incredible frustration. Now that I use NexTek for my offsite server needs, I have not spent a minute dealing with computer problems. They address my needs and answer my questions personally and promptly. The time NexTek has saved me has certainly led to an overall increase in productivity and profit.”
Joshua M. Liszt, The Bankruptcy Group of Florida – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
“We have been with NexTek for just about a year and have had the pleasure of not worrying about managing our server or the amount of data we are storing on the server. Prior to converting to NexTek’s cloud, we were experiencing major issues with our on-site server. Now, this is not an issue. Wayne and his team are true professionals in what they do and are on the cutting edge of where small and medium sized business should be.”

Perry A. Wehrle, Paw Marketing – Brooklyn, IA
“NexTek took the time to understand our IT needs and formulate a solution to meet them. Their solution saved us $20,000 in the first year and $5,000/year after that. Their continued responsiveness is what keeps us coming back.”

Christopher C. Huebner, Mac Mannes, Inc. – Washington, DC
“NexTek has the most technical competence of any company we’ve worked with along with prompt response times when issues arise. Their reliability and consistent level of service is unmatched.”

Richard E. Charlton, Esq. , The Winchester Law Firm – Memphis, TN
“As a small business it was difficult to stay current with technology until we switched to NexTek. They provided a complete solution to handle our IT needs and provided us with leading edge systems and secure backups. Their ongoing support is second to none and since our conversion 6 months ago we have not experienced a single outage. Once we decided to make the transition to the cloud, Wayne and his staff worked side by side with us to understand our needs and make sure we were up and running will little to no negative impact on our clients business needs. I can sleep better now knowing our critical business systems are being monitored 24/7 and having the ability to scale our IT requirements adds an additional comfort as we continue to grow our business.”

Dennis Johnson, Promac Inc, Elgin, IL