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Wayne's Story

Wayne started working in the IT industry when he was 18, providing technical support for companies like Gateway and Dell. From that foundation, he made the move into IT management for businesses. It was while he was maintaining several hundred computers at a over 50 offices that he realized that there had to be a better way to implement and manage IT resources. This necessity was the beginning of NexTek. As the sole caretaker of so many vital systems, he saw that existing IT infrastructures were work intensive and often wasteful, simply because a one size fits all approach had been used when purchasing computers, software, servers and other office equipment. No one had taken the time to evaluate each company’s needs, and to tailor technology to fit them. He also realized that he wasn’t alone – that thousands of businesses and their IT managers had to be experiencing the same problems. In 2005, he founded NexTek with one simple purpose: to provide customized, cost-effective IT services that support and enhance clients’ essential business functions. To that end, he has consistently reinvested the company profits into the research, development and procurement of future service offerings – most significantly, in the area of cloud services.
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About NexTek

If your IT company has never had a security breach then how do they know how to handle a crisis? It’s not a matter of if it happens but when? When you work with us, you’re working with a company that stays ready so we never have to get ready. We pride ourselves on staying a step ahead whether it’s new software, new applications or new security threats.

At NexTek we believe in the 3 C’s – Communication, Collaboration and Convenience:

We are the small but mighty company that delivers big box company results. Since we aren’t a big box firm so every Client has their own representative; we are the the personal touch has proven to be invaluable. People don’t want to be stuck in queue and they don’t want a different rep every time they call. We understand that, much like personal health, the health of our Clients’ businesses deserves quality and consistency of care. Moreover, our team of professionals is a deliberately curated collective of highly motivated, highly qualified individuals who understand that the Client is the priority whether their budget is $100 or $1 million.

We also understand small business because we ARE a small business. We know that there must be a return on your investment. Which is why we work hard and work smart to earn your business every single month. And it’s our pleasure to do so!