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End-to-End Network Management

As cyber attackers become more advanced, an increasing number of organizations are looking to their IT providers to provide state-of-the-art network security; however, many lack the personnel or expertise to offer such a service. Ransomware is just one threat organizations face these days and if your IT provider tells you that they have never had a problem with ransomware, they are either hiding something or they are too inexperienced to help you face your ransomware crisis when your time comes. As hard as it is for us to share this in a public forum, we think it is critical to emphasize that nobody is immune from ransomware attacks – not even the clients of NexTek. We provide complete end to end management of networks and the security services organizations need as it takes multiple layers of software and hardware solutions in place to secure systems as best as possible. More importantly, it is critical to have a company that has had experience in mitigating and resolving threats along with implementing the right backup and disaster recovery solutions so that you can respond to those threats accordingly.